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's foreign policy and the christian science monitor interviews texas governor pick perry. the advance of the sunni insu e insurgeoninsurg insurgeancy is adding tension to the area. iran is prepared to send volunteer militia into iraq to defend holy sights. the president announced his plan for assisting the iraqi military and fighting against isis which has captured several cities near baghdad. he is planning to send 300 advisors. this is 30 minutes. the president:i wanted to provide you an update on how we are responding to the situation. first we are trying to secure the embassy in iraq and i have taken steps to relocate the personal and sent reinforcement to better secure our facilities. second, we have increased our intelligence and reconnaissance assets so we have a better picture of what is taking place inside iraq and this will give us a greater understanding of what they are doing and how it is located and how we might support efforts to counter the threat. third, the united states will continue to increase your support to iraqi security forces. we are prepared to have centers
many of them kids, texas says it will strike back. we will talk to governor perry tonight. >> what happened to lois lerner's email? >> that i would refer to the irs. they will answer this question. >> also ahead, will the administration get away with losing lois lerner's emails? we will analyze that question. >>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama speaking about iraq. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. talking like a college professor. the president outlined othe problems iraq faces because different muslim sects can cannot get along. mr. obama's analysis was long on detail, short on solutions. even though the pentagon recommends bombing the al qaeda army which is slaughtering thousands of people and threatening to overwhelm iraq, mr. obama says he will not bomb the terrorists who are moving back and forth the flatter rain to and from syria. instead sending 300 military advisors and asking for international help. >> we have immediate
un trÁgico desenlace texas en el incidente ocurrido el pasado aÑos. el detenido de origen hispano es baleado por el policÍa luego de que se revelara al momento de ser trasladado para recibir atenciÓn mÉdica, el sujeto muriÓ y al jurado absolvió al policÍa. una persecuciÓn en minnesota las imÁgenes un delincuente que era buscado por trÁfico de drogas se adentrÓ en un campo de gol, y los agentes sin pensarlos dos veces le siguieron la pista por el cÉsped dejando a los golfistas con la boca abierta. el irresponsable conductor fue arrestado y enfrenta una larga lista de cargos. feroz fue el ataque de un policÍa en la florida al momento de detener a una conductora que iba a exceso de velocidad. los tres perros que viajaban en el vehÍculo saltaron de manera defensiva le clavaron y los dientes algo uniformado tres veces. el agente echÓ a correr para huir de los canes la dueÑa fue citada por el el departamento de control de animales. >> una maestra fue apuÑalada por un agresor sexual convicto mientras se encontraba en una habitaciÓn repleta de de delincuentes. el ataque ocur
of florida, ted cruz of texas and mike lee of utah are among the speakers at the faith and freedom coalition's annual policy conference in washington, d.c. also speaking to the gathering were u.n. ambassador john bolton and former u.s. representative alan west. faith and freedom coalition founder ralph reed opens the event. it's about 90 minutes. >> it's my great privilege to introduce our first speaker of today's program. senator mike lee, who is a great champion for our principles, our values, and has been a tireless advocate for the constitutional principles upon which our nation was founded. mike lee graduated from his undergraduate education at brigham young university. he also graduated from byu law school. he was in private practice for several years where he specialized in appellate and supreme court litigation. he clerked for then circuit court judge samuel alito in the third circuit prior to samuel alito's elevation to the supreme court. he served as the assistant u.s. attorney in salt lake city. he was an aide to governor jon huntsman. when he decided to run for the u.s. senate in
many of them kids, texas says it will strike
the bike. and their feed back will be incorporated into the final version of the motorcycle. >> a texas teenager faces a life senten sentence, accused of making and selling pot brownies. what many are saying too harsh a charge. >> this 19-year-old is in court, facing up to life in prison for allegedly baking, and selling pot brownies >> i'm a conservative. but i'll be damned. this is wrong. >> it's a head scratcher of a case. prosecutors charged this football player, until now had a clean record. a charge usually associated with murder, or rape. >> i've never seen anything like this before. >> it stems from the brownie recipe and ingredients. he allegedly mixed in hash oil with a higher concentration of the drug. under texas law, it could be treated like a more serious narcotic. because it was cooked into the brownies, the whole batch was weighed against him. police charging him with possessing a pound and a half of drugs. >> they weighed baked goods in this case >> inside of his apartment police say they found more paraphernalia. >> some hash oil, as well as brownies and cookies up for
's a big drought in california and in texas. so fruit, vegetables, livestock, food is leading the way up. but the fed doesn't look at food inflation. they look at core inflation. threw don't count energy and food prices. but it's still happening. you know they're paying attention to it. the other thing going on in the u.s. markets is the energy markets are really dynamic right now. we have a lot of production going on. a boom. crude oil and natural gas. but oil is a transportation fuel. we're more efficient there. so we're seeing less consumption and that means declining imports whereas in natural gas, we're converting electric power from coal to natural gas, more consumption, exact opposite patterns. so we're going to have very interesting movements over the next couple of years between oil and natural gas. my name is blue putman, chief economist at the cme group. thank you. >>> now here's an overview of some of the global markets. >> now we have the latest world cup updates. group c, jachen going against greece. the match is scoreless in the first half. both teams are evenly matched, t
the president spoke, oil prices continued to rise. $115 a barrel for the first time this year while west texas intermediate, the u.s. benchmark rose to $106.43 michelle cabrera is on the ground tonight. >> reporter: after many consultations with his national security team, president obama said today he is willing to take limited military action in iraq, but only sundunder certain circumstances. >> we're developing more information about potential targets associated with isil. in going forward, we'll take targeted and precise military action if and when we determine the situation on the ground requires it. >> reporter: he was quick to followup and say the number of personnel would be limited to 300 military advisors. >> american combat troops are not going to be fighting in iraq again. >> reporter: as he spoke, the battle for iraq's largest oil refinery raged on. the associated press taking photos of smoke rising from the facility and militants controlling check points and a humvee. with the refinery still inoperative, gas lines have grown longer in the neighboring region where hopeful buyers w
of louisiana to succeed mccarthy as majority whip. late last night, texas governor rick perry authorized spending an extra $1.3 million a week on border security. texas has been facing a surge of illegal immigrants. state and local authorities say the federal government is not doing enough to help. here's anna werner. >> reporter: this is video of illegal immigrants caught by police in the small town of george west, texas. officers capture dozens here each month. rey garcia is the police chief. how many people would you guess are getting through that you don't have an opportunity to catch? >> we only catch a fraction of them. they know the schedule of the police officers, of the different police departments. >> reporter: garcia told us there's been a 400% increase in illegal immigrants caught here. police don't have the resources to hold them for long. federal agents are supposed to pick them up. but sometimes they don't. so in those instances, do you have a choice or do you just have to let them go? >> we let them go. we'll point them in the right direction. >> reporter: that direction
area over northern texas. we're looking at the potential for large hail, damaging winds and flash flooding a big concern. david, i want to show you the area of flooding. it's a very broad area. there's a stationary front that's draped across the upper midwest into the mid-atlantic. along this front we're looking at the potential three to four inches of rain, could cause flash flooding. minneapolis already dealing with record rainfall. >> we'll be watching for that. thank you. >>> we turn our attention to brazil now and to the world cup. team usa playing this weekend. a giant headline tonight, perhaps the toughest player we're going to face on sunday is tonight hurting. his name is cristiano ronaldo, portugal's best known weapon nursing a knee injury. it's making global headlines because he's also known for his moves off the field. paula faris is in rio again tonight. >> reporter: he is soccer's reigning player of the year. on the field, a scoring machine. >> he's done it general! this is astonishing! >> reporter: off the field, an international sensation. an advertisers dream. a s
texas, mr. doggett. mr. doggett: that's very good to hear. i join in supporting this amendment as a co-author of it. multinational corporations that do business around the globe have an even greater interest in world order and in national security. they should not be paying a lesser rate of taxes than corporations that focus their business right here in america. unfortunately, some of them scheme to avoid their fair share and to shift the burden to smaller businesses and to individuals. some of these same companies have, on more than one occasion, paid more to their lobbyists to lobby this congress and the treasury to avoid paying taxes than they actually paid to the treasury. it's been a pretty wise investment for them because our tax code is a mess. it's riddled with preferences and loopholes and one exception after another. this amendment addresses one of the most egregious tax gimmicks. that's where a corporation actually renounces its american citizenship. declare itself a citizen of some other country. and then continues operations in america, demanding the full protection of the
blew himself up. >>> back here at home, texas governor rick perry and the state's republican leadership are taking matters into their own hands tonight to deal with the growing waves of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. casey siegel reports from dallas tonight. >> reporter: governor rick perry has had enough. he directed the texas department of public safety to launch a law enforcement surge operation at the border to the tune of $1.3 million per week. perry said in a statement, until thfederal government recognizes the danger it's putting our citizens in by its inaction to secure our border, texas law enforcement must do everything they can to keep our citizens and communities safe. what's going on has been called a humanitarian crisis. u.s. border patrol stations and detention centers in the rio grande valley of south texas packed, mostly with illegal immigrant children. >> it's estimated about 47,000 so far this year have been detained. and then it's estimated that as many as 120,000 will come next year. >> reporter: according to the national border patrol council
movement going on. one source is from the food markets. there's a big drought in california. and in texas. so fruit, vegetables, livestock, food is leading the way up and if the fed doesn't look at food inflation they look at core inflation so they don't count energy and food prices but it's still happening and you know they're paying attention to it and the other thing going on in the u.s. markets is the energy markets are really dynamic right now. we have a lot of production going on. a boom in crude oil and natural gas. but oil is a transportation fuel. we're more efficient there. so we're seeing less consumptionnd that means declining imports. whereas natural gas, converting electric power from quocoal to natural gas. so we'll have some very interesting movements over the next couple of years between oil and natural gas. my name is blu putnam. i'm chief economist at the cne group. thank you. >>> and here's another brief look at your market figures. >>> a fiery gun battle has taken place in afghanistan with the taliban claiming responsibility. dhra dhirakaosal in bangkok is following t
>> we're here at the darrington unit, which is a maximum security prison on the outskirts of texas. >> jimarquez holland is 20 years old. he's been imprisoned here for three years. >> to me, i feel like what i was doing was petty. petty crimes - i never thought in a million years that i would be 17 and in prison. never thought. whenever the judges said, we send you to prison, i couldn't even believe it. >> his criminal record began when he was in just sixth grade. police officers in his school gave him tickets for misbehavior, including smoking cigarettes. >> just hanging out with the wrong people. just not thinking with my head when you're young. >> he's here because of a burglary charge. when he was sentenced, the judge factored in his juvenile record, which included his misbehavior in school. >> instead of dealing with troubled students in traditional ways like counseling and detention, more schools are enforcing zero tolerance policies - and depending on law enforcement to carry them out. >> it's known as the school to prison pipeline. >> we've taken the same failed policies th
, which is a maximum security prison on the outskirts of texas. >> jimarquez holland is 20 years old. he's been imprisoned here for three years. >> to me, i feel like what i was doing was petty. petty crimes - i never thought in a million years that i would be 17 and in prison. never thought.
texas goes to new york and stays in a new york-- texas hotel they paid taxes that the local people in the local politicians and the taxing authorities put in place. now, there is no representation and there's nothing they can do in the both those people doubt so travelers are an easy target. carvers and politicians have to understand that the economic engine in this country and very much the world is driven by the travel industry. air travel, the way things get from .8 to point b, transportation of all kinds impacts restaurants, taxis and billions of additional tax revenues generated. they are bending over to pick up the pennies and penalizing the industry when billions of dollars are being impacted, jobs are being impacted. gerri: you are saying bending over to pick up the pennies and when people see numbers like $2.50 and $5 folks are going to say, jerry is not that much. but, look at this, the proposed fees alone would generate almost $17 billion. now, why do we need to-- what are we going to get that money? >> we are saying that there will protect us as we fly and therefore the
it this morning. team new jersey won soccer gold after defeating team texas. congratulations, zach, and team new jersey. >> all the things you have done, that was one of the most moving pieces of footage, and you are to be congratulated. that brings something special to you. >> it really does. >> you have that connection. that was just -- i don't know who helped put that together, but it was unbelievably good. >> our producer here at "the five" spent hours and hours and hours on what she called a labor of love to put that thing together. so susan, thank you. >> it was excellent. you know what i love about it, too, for all that's going on in the news in the last couple of weeks, and everybody watching the news, they want to watch the news and want to know what's going on, but they need a little bit of a lift, and you gave it to them. i hope we show it again. >> originally i wanted to get involved when i heard 21st century fox, our parent company, was going to be a sponsor. i wanted to have dan there. when he passed away in august, i thought, i really want to play a role in this. he couldn't compe
was not wearing a helmet, walked away unharmed. >> like nothing happened. >> wow. >>> a texas mother is in jail after police say she let six children ride on the hood and trunk of her car after a day of swimming tuesday. four of the children were sent to the hospital after they were thrown off that moving car. police say she and another mom let their kids ride on top of the cars so they wouldn't get the seats wet. witnesses saw emts working, treating one victim. >> from what i saw, i never saw her move. they had to do everything to get her on the stretcher and everything like that, so, it was really -- really scary. >> one of the children is still in the hospital with a serious head injury. the mother is charged with intoxication and assault. >>> and to this, a staten island woman accused of dousing her ighbor's dog with ammonia because he barked too much. police say theoman l t with amm rocky suffered ulcers in both eyes, may have permanent loss of sight. neighbors charged with felony animal cruelty and torture. >>> a group of nuns in suburban chicago took to the streets to protest a strip clu
. if you have to take the turnpike, be prepared. traffic is crawling if that here as a result. >> two texas moms are accused of making their kids ride on the hood and trunk of car because their clothes were still wet from a swimming pool. not only that, police say the mom who was driving was drunk. officers say the two moms would not let the kids and their wet clothes in the car. they made eight few blocks before four of the children fell off. >> there was one laying the floor and she was like right here on the floor. there was a girl sitting next to her that was getting checked out. she had blood on her shirt and stuff. and then there was two kids that had road burns that were like walking up and down the street. >> the kids were taken to the hospital. their expected to be okay. the driver has been charged with intoxication assault. >> a maryland mother is hoping to change the outlook of children with disabilities one smile at a time. debbie's son has a traumatic brain injury. it causes people to stare and claims he's even been kick out of a public park. celine has new campaign called smil
. and is government is trying to disspell criticism. so yesterday, we showed you a tension facility in texas the greatest surge in unaccompanied miners. >> pictures from a media tour show the sleeping conditions for detained children. they are given showers, clean clothes and recreation. wednesday's media tour shows a center that was cleaner and less crowded than centers had been before. it contrasts with exclusive pictures al jazeera obtained just last week of the same detention center in arizona. still, the center had the feeling of a prison, with kids held behind chain linked fences. officials couldn't tell us how many children are being housed here, or how long they will stay. they refused all requests for television interviews. these youth are part of a record wave arriving on the u.s. boarder. nearly 50,000 have arrived since october, mainly from central america, that number could reach 60 or 90,000 by years end. basically they are lovelights not accustom to providing care for so many youth. but they say they are trying to do nit the most dignified way possible. >> border agents say th
and i'm quite ashamed. >> a comments -- we will stay here live. there's joe bardin of texas coming out. members finished voting and speaking to reporters and more. this is shirley in bakersfield, california n. kevin mccarthy's district. hi, go ahead. caller: hi, yes, i'm in kevin's district. happens to be a good, down-to-earth man who also happens to be from a very conservative part of california, which most places are not in the state. and he's somebody that has served us locally very well. he is concerned about us and also concerned about the rest of the nation. he's a fiscal conservative. he's also very concerned about immigration and high-speed rail which will affect everybody in the nation because of federal taxes. we're very proud that he's in the position and, go, kevin! thank you. >> clarksville, virginia, next up. donald's on the democrats' line. caller: yes, i just wanted to say i hope this guy is going to be a whole lot better than eric cantor for the simple reason is that, you know, most of these republicans, they are not concerned with trying to govern a country. all they'
to be in the lead, and you can't be whip if you don't whip your first vote -- >> jeb in texas was going to challenge mccarthy, pete sessions would do that. both ultimately dropping out. what happened there and do we know the vote count that lifted mccarthy to his position? >> no. they're not giving us the vote tallies. was thought that raul labrador, the conservative congressmann from idaho, they vote against everything, decorrect controlling, the hurricane sandy bill, thigh voted no on almost everything. they used to tell us what the vote tallies were but the votes needed to win, you have 233 members of the house republican conference. if everybody votes it's 117. >> then how do you think these guys get along? kind of sticks out here, against the other two. how will they all work in sync? >> that's going to be very interesting. steve scalise has had good relationship with the leadership, even though he had in affiliations with the tea party. but at the end of the day, what people will look at here, is this an audition. they do this again in the fall after the election. a year that britain had thre
, texas and california are there two big bets. the stock has lagged significantly, probably trading at about 1.1 times book -- liz: that's where you want to buy it, right? >> it is, but i think it's going to take a little bit longer to get paid in that story. they have some accounting issues they need to get through, and they need to prove to investors that california is solid, that it's not going to fall apart if the housing market slows down. david: smaller company like hovnanian? >> there's a couple of stocks that i'm worried about, stocks that trade more on price to earnings than price to book, and i think hovnanian's one of those. as we start to get into a flattish market, your earnings are more at risk than your book value. david: megan mcgrath, great to have you here. please come back. well, iraq is on fire, of course. president obama, he is sending some u.s. military advisers. but what will happen to oil prices if the country's oil wells go offline entirely? we're going to find out exactly how overall oil prices could go coming up. liz: there's a lot more to brazil than the
. >> mr. barton of texas for five minutes. >> thank you mr. chairman. miss barra, we are glad to have you back. mr. valukas, we are glad to have you before us. our opportunity or responsibility on the committee is to provide for the general welfare and doing that get the facts on the table so that people can have faith at the products your company produces are safe and of course your requirement is to make sure that you do produce a safe product that hopefully results in a profit for the company and the stockholder. we are both on the same side. we both want products that are safe and let the public be aware of the capabilities and also the short falls. i'm going to ask most of my questions to mr. valukas because we didn't have your report. i will have questions for miss barra at the end of my time. i want to focus on the fact that the part number was not changed back in april of 2006. a gm engineer did approve changes to the ignition switch but did not change the part number and mr. valukas, in your report, you observe that the decision to not change the part number was not properly vett
with groups and individuals, including republican strategists karl rove, who is a texas -- fox news contributor. but the judge says there was no probable cause to show anybody broke cam pan finance laws. no comment from the governor's office. president obama announced he is ready do send as many as 300 military advisers to iraq to trains' support the iraqi military but not to get involved in combat. of course, these advisers will be armed, and tell their families they're headed back to iraq and see how they feel about it. they will include army green would berets. they're a very select group. they go through rigorous training. they deal with everything from drug lords to terrorists and humanitarian efforts. jennifer griffin has proper -- has more from the pentagon. >> the president authorized these 300 military advise years. most of these will be special force, green berets. they'll be divide into several small teams. each team made up of a dozen of u.s. troops, attached to iraqi military brigades and establish the two joint operations centers that the president announced today in b
by the east coast, in the bay area and l.a., then we have that energy belt in texas and parts of louisiana and then up in the dakotas. but so much of the rest of the country is falling behind. a place like seattle needs a minimum wage of about $15 an hours. place like washington, d.c. probably needs a minimum wage about 18 bucks an hour. but a place like orlando or tampa or las vegas could get by with a minimum wage of like 11 because thegoá3y costs of livin lower. >> are you advocating for taking matters into their own hands or minimum wage equivalent to cost of living? >> i think both ways. it's something the united states has to consider. with index suffer cost of living, thinking about geographical indexing that, 10 bucks will get you so far in miami or las vegas or detroit or pittsburgh. it ain't going to get you near as far as san francisco or washington. but i think local politics and mayors are taking these matters into their own hands. it's the kind of pressure bill de blasio's constituents brought here in new york. so i think that helps create two americas, which is quite -- i t
phillips. >>> would go young texas men are in custody. federal officials say the men conspired to provide materials to support terrorists. one was on his -- was on his way overseas when he was nabbed at the airport in houston. ed lavandara is all over this one today. these are would separate cases. what do we know? >> two separate cases. men that are in roughly the same a age. would cases out of austin area. one by the name of michael todd wolf. authorities, according to a criminal complaint, say he was arrested as he was about to board a flight towardsure open and try to make his way into syria and he's accused of trying to provide materials, support, to terrorists and then there's also the case of kahn. a university of texas student. he was taken into custody at his home and according to that criminal complaint, he was trying to make his way to -- somalia and help out radical islamist groups there. >> do we know how he is would men became radicalized? >> in reading several dozen pages released as part of the complaint the one common theme they have between them is that they spend a lot
? the presiding officer: the senator from texas. mr. cruz: i ask unanimous consent to set aside the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. cruz: madam president, i rise today to discuss the deteriorating situation in iraq. there has been considerable debate in recent days about what we want to achieve in that country and the importance of achieving so-called political reconciliation in baghdad. i would like to propose three simple principles that should guide any action we take in iraq. number one, we should do everything possible to secure our people. number two, we should defend our national security interests. and, number three, we should not partner with the islamic republic of iran. first and foremost, madam president, we need to be certain that we are doing everything humanly possible to secure the americans who are still in iraq. the instability of the situation in the north of that country could quickly devolve into nationwide chaos, and it requires our immediate attenti attention. we need to be developing and implementing an immediate plan to get out all nonessentia
mccarthy. he says jeff miller of florida, granger of texas, and another tweak that tom graves of georgia, and one more, just outside that meeting room, whistles and claps heard from inside 1100 longworth where gop members are deciding leadership elections. some reporters say we may hear the vote by 2:45. we will take you to the news conference earlier today. she talked a little bit about the gop elections and about the comments the president would make later, and did make at about 1:15 on iraq. >> good morning. everyone rested up after the ballgame last night? congratulations to sportsmanship. yesterday we appointed conferees to vote on the veterans bill, the various veterans bills, the senate bill and the two house bills. chairman jeff miller's bill. as we go to conference, it would probably have been cleaner if we could have just taken up the senate bill, sent it to the president, and gone down that path. the conference does afford us the opportunity, though, to make clear as we would on the debate in any event, that while we need some emergency assistance for health care, for our vete
to solve it. we are looking at two different benchmarks. people look at west texas intermediate -- melissa: looking at brent right now. >> brent is up and that is what we price of gasoline in the northeast of the u.s. the rest of the country uses west texas. in some ways a surplus of oil hit in the u.s. a lot of stockpiles here, i don't know if it impacts as directly. it will have a knock on affect. >> the problem is we have restrictive environmental policies which prevents us from drilling this will eventually have an impact. the price of oil will change dramatically. if they took over one of those oil wells in the south. melissa: we had an opportunity to change things between the last crisis in iraq, build the keystone pipeline and fracking and made all kinds of progress, we could be more energy independence, and we have relaxed. >> alternate energy resources -- melissa: i don't know about that. >> canada could open more supply. >> there are two the issues, the immediate concern about oil and the notion of terrorism. if there is something in that part of the world that will impact the ma
of the sales will go to dempsey's hometown food bank in texas. >>> yesterday's world cup showdown between spain and chile was sold out. >> but that didn't stop about 100 chile fans from trying to bust their way in. they even broke down a makeshift wall. apparently the fans thought they could get through to the stands. police arrested about 85 of those fans. chile went ton to stun spain, 2-nil, eliminating the defending world cup champions from contention. >> good idea, potentially. didn't really work out for them. a devastating blow for portugal could end up being the u.s.' best defense come sunday. doctors are warning that portugal's star forward, cristiano reynaldo should sit out of the world cup or risk permanent damage to his knee. reynaldo reportedly told his doctor, quote, i'm the one who decides if i'm playing or not. we'll have to wait until sunday to find out. kick off is at 3:00 p.m. >>> well, pele, reynaldo, want to know what your brazilian soccer name star should be? >> i know where you're going with this, unfortunately, so will you. we'll show you what we're talking about, coming u
border and texas is leading a new push to secower the southern border are as the u.s. struggles to keep with the immigrants. texas cannot wait for washington and ordering state resources to the border. here's more from casy on what is happening there. >> reporter: state leaders are taking matters in their open hand. governor rick perry is ordered a law- enforcement surge operation down in the border and the texas department of public safety and dps is tasked with the job. though just how many trooper ares are going to be deployed for this mission is not made public at this point. state leaders authorized a budget of 1.3 million for the mission. taxpayer dollars and comes on the heels of the national attention directed in the border. we told you about the spike of number of young children apprehelpeded and a 92 percent increase over the previous years. 80 percent of them coming through the rio grande valley of south texas. why? the border is vast and porous down there and making it much easier to cross versus other states. the obama administration blames the influx on violence and pover
on >> they lose their ruling on trademarks. two men in texas face charges for supporting terrorism. >> was arrested at home while wolf was at the airport. officials are not saying if the cases are related. they've been investigating for three years. one down one to recruit fighters. offer to help will forget to syria to join radical groups because he is ready to die for his religion. house republicans will vote today on to leadership positions. illinois congressman is hoping to win one of those spots. expected to easily win the race for majority leader. >> told colleagues yesterday that the party needs to reconnect. for the first time border patrol officials reported that there is an alarming number of unaccompanied children crossing the border. the media was allowed to see for themselves. one of two processing centers that is experiencing extreme overcrowding. last year on a company children were taken into custody at the border. it could reach 90,000 by the end of the year. >> a teenager who survived a flight while sitting in the wheel well of a plain speaking out for the first t
. and from college station texas, jose luis, he is originally from honduras and crossed the border as an unaccompanied minor in 2000. thanks to awful you for joining us. linda you are in texas where this issue is there ofoegbu topic every day. did anyone see this coming . >> i assume it did since it happened two years ago when it had to be opened for the surge that year, i am not sure what happened since we never heard anything about it last year. it's a bit of a mystery . >> in 2012 there was a huge certainly is he border. you were actually there, weren't you? >> i was. in 2012 i was one of two attorneys that actually went there and interviewed several of the children. even then there was no real explanation other than the explanation that we hear now that children are fleeing their countries and in some sway unifying with their parents here. it doesn't explain the astronomical number of 60,000 that they anticipated this year, which was what they used as the number last year for this year. so it would seem that they knew that this was going to happen. a camp in waco was opened in
of peru. national credit union administration, j. mark mcwatters of texas to be a member. department of defense, christine e. wormuth of virginia to be under secretary. the presiding officer: the question is on the aguilar nomination. the yeas and nays were ordered. the clerk will call the roll. vote: vote:
will entertain up to 15 further requests for one-minute speeches. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? >> to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend y remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. conaway: thank you, mr. speaker. as chairman of the committee on ethics, along with my colleague, linda sanchez, the ranking member, and other members of the committee, past and present, we rise today to honor the life and work of carol dixon. every so often through hard work, immense talent and a zealous dedication to the mission of this body, a staffer becomes an institution in the house. carol dixon had achieved that status. known to many simply as the ethics lady, carol's intelligence, cannedor and infectious laugh made the house a better and honorable place. director of our education sector, she was unmatched,, those who sought out carol to specifically ask for her guidance. her sudden passing this weekend is a tremendous loss for both the ethics committee and the house. thank you, mr. s
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. >> recognize the gentleman from texas mr. olson for five minutes. >> i thank the chair. >> i hope you heard about president obama's announcement with cash on regulations. there is a common theme why does the epa want to kill me job? why does the same epa that works for me want to hurt my family? those questions will be answered in november. i have a few questions you can answer today. the first few follow the example that require a yes or no answer. question one. epa added a grid safety valve the 2012 mercury rule. it was a way to slow implementation if reliability is threatened. now america's impartial grid operator, including the one that keeps lights on at your headquarters asked the staff about a similar valve here. my question is, will you commit to including reliability valve in the final carbon rule? yes or no? >> i can't commit to anything in the final rule we haven't gotten the public comments yet. it's something we will consider. >> it's important ma'am. second question is, epa is justifying these new rules to the public with up to $90 billion in, quote, climate health benefits, u
that has to be looked at and the data points are coming, a similar activity in certain areas of texas where i live in small towns, and obviously it is not 5, 6, 7.0 earthquake, very small but folks have a concern if they have a concern with property being damaged or foundation issues we got to look at that as an industry and embrace that upfront and go find a solution to this. i am hesitant to blame fracking for stuff. everyone else does. a lot of times it comes out these are related to the coffee issue. stuart: i want to speak charles: secondly suppose we got an administration that the state and federal levels that said we want fracking. we want to maximize natural gas, we want to maximize oil production, let's go for it, get out and do it. how much could we wrap up domestic oil production and say the next five years, a nice time frame, if we went gung-ho how much oil could we get out of the ground in the next five years? >> it is a no-brainer we could get to energy independence, 13 million barrels a day, got to give a federal lands and offshore drilling ramps back up, got to get -- stuart
the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >> texas governor rick perry is taking a stand on crisis of the southern bording offering to let them launch a law enforcement surge operation to help with the people crossing the bordered. in the mean time a documentary is being made on the issue. >> this will say to family members deported you will get note second chance. >> a hundred people a day were deported and then it surged. since obama came into the office in 2009, the federal government has consistently deported 1,000 people per day. >> that is the voice of our next guest. vice news has a series called immigrant america. roy, you looked at this from a lot of different views. and the next chapter you are looking at is what this flood of immigration from a central america. tell us about what you learned. >> i talked to people in honduras where a a lot of the kids are coming home. they are saying it is desperate. there is a lot of violence, economic reasons people are long beachi -- leaving -- and rumors that guides are saying it is easier for children and mothers w
the "washington post" reporter who has been covering it for years. >>> plus i'll talk live with a texas father who is being denied parental rights from his between sons because he is gay and he and his husband are not legally recognized as a couple in texas. >>> join our conversation on twitter. find me @tamronhall. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. >>> in a few hours at 2:00 p.m. eastern house republicans will hold a secret vote to elect a new majority leader, that vote comes just nine days after eric cantor's shocking loss in the virginia primary. right now all signs point to california's kevin mccarthy as the man who will become the second most powerful republican in the gop-controlled house. if mccarthy wins, republicans will have to elect a new majority whip as well and that race has
arrested in texas in two separate cases. >> crisis at the border. texas saying it cannot afford to wait for washington. taking its border security into its own hands. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. geicmoney for over 75 they've really stood the test of time. much like these majestic rocky mountains. which must be named after the... that would be rocky the flying squirrel, mr. gecko sir. obviously! ahh come on bullwinkle, they're named after... ...first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
>>> happening right now in the "cnn newsroom" -- two americans arrested in texas on terror-related charges. one accused of wanting to join isis, a terrorist group now fighting for control of iraq. then, out of fashion, american apparel fires its controversial ceo but will he fight to keep his company? and later, pulled from the depths, explorer injured in one of germany's deepest caves is rescued after 11 days at the bottom. you're in the "cnn newsroom." >>> good morning, everybody. i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us. carol is off today. we're going to begin this hour with iraq. the prime minister, nuri al maliki, says his government troops are pushing back the terrorists advance on baghdad but his leadership may become a casualty of the conflict nonetheless. many in washington believe maliki can't unify his own country to stop the invasion and prevent a new civil war. lawmakers say he's got to go, but the administration only hints at it. the white house may be nearing some form of military action. president barack obama tells top lawmakers in congress that he
months pregnant. barbara diane dye was granted a temporary restraining order and then fled to texas. she returned only for a hearing on the permanent restraining order, and that's when her husband cornered her, cornered her in a bank parking lot and shot her repeatedly with a .357 magnum revolver, killing her there. when domestic abusers have access to firearms, it isn't just abuse victims who are at risk. a violent husband under a temporary restraining order in brookfield, wisconsin, followed his wife to the salon where she worked. not only did he shoot and kill his wife but he killed two additional people and wounded four more. after erica bell got a temporary restraining order against her husband, he came to her at church. he followed her there. he shot and killed erica. he also shot four of her relatives, including her grandparents, great aunt and a cousin. this scourge of domestic violence combined with the epidemic of guns in our society causing gun violence is a toxic recipe, and we must do more against domestic abuse. that's why i have formed an organization in connecticut called
: the gentlewoman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from texas, ms. jackson lee, for five minutes. i thapping the speaker for yielding. today is june 19. ordinary day in the lives of many, many americans. and that's why it is important to come to the floor and wish so many in our nation happy juneteenth. . for some it may be a foreign terminology but we are now in 1865 th year of the emancipation proclamation for several states in the deep south. those who know my history would see the emancipation proclamation was in 1863. they're absolutely right. but it took two years for states like texas and louisiana and many others to unfortunately receive notice that the slaves were free. two more years, my fellow texans, african-american slaves, had to languish in the abomination of slavery because someone failed to think it wasn't important enough to reach those boundaries and say we were free. and so it speaks very loudly to and eason i am an advocate a fighter, that justice must be maintained no matter who you are in this country. i wish those in texas that as i speak are commemorating a
. >> or loarlington, texas. >> yes. >> i have something for you. we have an "r" then you have to buy a vowel. nice to have you in new york. weather map, severe weather we'll talk about, two spots we have to deal with. one across the mid-atlantic from dover to d.c. to richmond. large hail, strong winds and also across the heartland, wichita up to kansas city, minneapolis, the flooding continues. the tornado threat is down and luckily the severe weather pattern is breaking down for the weekend. the fog may burn off a little earlier in l.a. at 78 degrees. >>> and low 70s to low 80s around the bay. the forecast >> now this sign is perfect. what's your name? >> helen. >> how old? >> 7. >> nice. well done. nice to see you. that weather report was sponsored by chobani simply 100. amy, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much, lee. >>> so "transformers" fans have been waiting three long years for the newest film in the saga. well, come next friday, they are back in "transformers: age of extinction." michael bey has brought it all together and a new all-star cast. we caught up with them. abc's cameron mat
will hit the 90s from texas to the carolinas. >>> facebook says it's working at 100% this morning after a worldwide outage overnight. the social network crashed for about half an hour. users got a message reading sorry, something went wrong. facebook says it fixed the problem quickly but did not say what caused the temporary shutdown. >>> the nfl's washington redskins say this morning they will fight the newest threat to the team's controversial name and logo. the u.s. patent office cancelled the team's trademark registration wednesday. a judge ruled the long-time nickname insults native americans. jan crawford is at fedex field in landover, maryland the redskins home stadium. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. this ruling does not mean that the redskins are going to have to change their name but at some point it could affect the team's bottom line and the control it has over its merchandise. on the practice field, the washington redskins tried to stay out of the controversy over the name and logo they were wearing. >> that's way over my he
in the fifth inning and sonny gray pitched oakland past the texas rangers 4-2. gray, who had won just two of his previous eight starts, went seven innings. striking out seven. yoenis cespedes and josh donaldson each had two hits for the a's. oakland has won four of five and over.500 at 44-28. the defending champion red sox come to town for a four game series the champion has fallen. breaking news of vehicle fired the bibbers so pleasant jim's up the right here was spawned this fire just recently extinguished but for several minutes this entire left side of the toll plaza and all the traffic approaching it was completely shut down 48 ft. and fire crews extinguished the fire in red to assistance firm with the driver of the vehicle the drivers out now and the fires are not on the shoulder. which is now back into the 80s met five a westbound is backed up to the macarthur made is the sure freeway where you may as well say is that the ball with a stamp hobbling demise will say that's where the big ditch backup begins. take a look at this traffic map here we still have problems on 880 south from
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